Aquilo Sports and The Future of Athletic Recovery

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Aquilo Sports and The Future of Athletic Recovery

What is one of the most important post competition recovery routines that nobody likes to do? Nine times out of Ten the answer will be “taking an ice bath”. Not only is accessibility to an ice bath extremely difficult, but it is also not the most comfortable situation. The process of mentally preparing for bone chilling water submersion followed by the pain of entering 50 degree water is not for the faint of heart. A lot of athletes shy away from taking an ice bath due to the pure nature of how unpleasant of an experience it is.

So what if there was an easier and less painful way to still get all of the benefits of
taking an ice bath but from the comfort of your bed or couch? Well there is. The Aquilo Sports Cryo Compression Pants System is revolutionizing the way athletes recover from their training and competition. The Aquilo system mimics the ice bath by delivering ice water straight to your legs. Using full-leg cooling pads with a tight outer compression garment, the Aquilo system squeezes circulating ice water against your aching muscles all while keeping you perfectly dry. Within the first few minutes of wearing the pants, your skin temperature will drop to the perfect recovery range of 42o - 46oF.

There is a reason why some of the best athletes in the world are all switching to Aquilo. Superstars such as Madison Keys, Harry Kane, and Gael Monfils all use Aquilo for their recovery needs. In addition, numerous locker rooms in the NFL, NBA, MLS, and MLB organizations have added multiple Aquilo systems for easy on the road recovery. What’s even better is that the development team at Aquilo has recently added the Heater Device, which is used to perform contrast therapy and change the ice cold water to 105oF in a matter of minutes. This added feature helps flush out built up lactic acid and reduce inflammation even further.

Aquilo Sports is proud to have partnered with Recovery For Athletes, the top retailer in the US for athletic recovery equipment. Founded by two professional athletes, Recovery For Athletes has had the same mission as Aquilo Sports. To help bring athletic recovery technology to the masses. “We only work with brands we feel will make a difference in the lives of athletes to help them take their games to the next level. Being on the pro tour for tennis, we have gotten the experience with Aquilo that is unmatched as it has shown for many top tennis players around the world” - Aron Hiltzik (Co-Founder of Recovery For Athletes)

The old way of doing athletic recovery was from torturous ice baths, rolling on a foam roller, and stretching. Now there is technology like cryo-compression pants, muscle stimulators, massage guns, and more. Aquilo Sports and Recovery For Athletes are at the forefront of the athletic recovery movement and the future is bright.

“It’s not only about building products to bridge the gap between sport and science, but also it’s about making something that is accessible to each athlete working each day to achieve their goals. Working with Recovery for Athletes has been a great help to bring Aquilo technology to athletes at both professional and amateur levels.” - JP Spence (Founder of Aquilo Sports) 

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