There are 3 main aspects to achieving our goals for sustainability. We keep these goals in mind before taking any business decisions, in order to give the best possible experience to our customers while accumulating as little waste as possible and minimizing resources.

  1. Water – Water is life. We know that ice baths are an extremely important form of recovery for athletes, in addition to providing a plethora of other health benefits. However, we also know that ice baths can consume hundreds of gallons of water each time its used. Most ice baths are drained after a single use, and done again day after day. Our ice bath and cold therapy products are specifically designed to consume around 99% less ice and water than a traditional ice bath. Moreover, our products contain a reservoir large enough to store and reuse water for a multitude of ice bath sessions. Meaning, no more wasted water, and you can use only what is needed.
  2. Plastics—Our products use plastic. It’s a necessary component for circulating water (and air) as the primary function of our product lines. However, our leadership has travelled to countless places, across 4 continents, in efforts to find the longest lasting and most durable equipment to use in our products. By increasing the lifespan of our products, we consume less plastic, especially as compared to single-use, disposable or otherwise short-term use water and air circulating wraps. Additionally, our product designs (patent pending), is comprised of a series of plastic and fabric layers, which can be disassembled and reassembled for the replacement of parts. Therefore, in the event of a replacement or otherwise reusing of parts, we can exchange only the precise layers needed, instead of needing to replace all layers of either fabric or plastic. Thus preserving the lifespan of each of our products and parts. 
  3. Partnership – we only partner with those who share our same visions, for business and for outside of business. Our business is only as good as the people behind it, so we are proud to align ourselves with trusted and reputable partners.

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