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Aquilo offers all-in-one cold compression therapy systems designed to relieve sore muscles, swelling, and inflammation.

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Why We're the best

Focused Cold Compression

Rapidly recirculating ice water quickly and evenly provides targeted post-workout relief.

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Clincially Tested & Proven

Aquilo systems are proven to reduce post-workout pain, improve sleep quality, and increase power for up to 48 hours after recovery treatment.


All-in-One Portability

Sealed, easy to transport unit for optimal conveniece - use in the gym, at home, or on the go. 


Industry-leading Customization

Aquilo systems feature five compression modes (20-150mmHg) to fit your unique recovery needs.

Meet the Aquilo CCT1500:
Our Flagship system


- Cold-compression therapy 
- Simple, easy to use design
- Up to two users (for cold therapy) 
- Single or dual limb capability (for compression)
- Water-circulating pump for hot or cold therapy options
- Shoulder/ankle, knee/elbow, and full leg sleeve options available 

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