Arm/Leg Wrap

The all new Aquilo Arm/Leg patent-pending recovery wrap is a truly universal attachment with a wide variety of applications. The wrap itself is constructed of a high quality polyurethane plastic material which can manage temperatures from below freezing and as high as 180F (82C); well capable of delivering targeted, therapeutic temperatures for Aquilo Sports Cold and Heat Therapy modalities. The outer layer of the wrap consists of a soft, durable, and cleanable fabric material, which also serves as Velcro backing for the adjustable straps. This allows the wrap to be used on a wide range of sizes. With two sizes available of the Aquilo Sports Arm/Leg Wrap, any athlete or patient is able to fit.

All Aquilo Sports sets come with dual hose attachments, allowing the user to plug in two (2) wraps at the same time.

Wrap Applications:

  • Arm: the wrap will cover the user’s arm from Shoulder to past the Elbow (in some cases, the wrap will also reach to the user’s Wrist)
  • Leg (lower): the wrap will cover the user’s Knee to Ankle, totally covering the surface area in between
  • Leg (upper): the wrap will cover the user’s Hip to Knee, also covering the surface area in between
  • Foot: Invert the wrap so that the wrap will cover the Heel, Achilles and lower portion of the leg as well

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$ 200.00 USD

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$ 200.00 USD