Cryo-compression system

The all-new upgraded 3rd Generation Aquilo Recovery System features an upgraded system with Cryo-Compression.
The new recovery system offers not only cryo-therapy but also compression to maximize your recovery. Are you ready to boost your performance like never before ?


Set Includes:

  • Control Unit: Cryo-Compression Therapy Unit
  • Garments: CryoCompression Boots (water + air chambers)
  • Hoses: Tubing connections for both water and air
  • Power Adapter


  • Compression: pneumatic compression up to 150mmHg in 6 chambers
  • Lymphatic Draining and Constant Pressure modes/settings (users can use all or select chambers for compression)
  • Water-circulating pump to cryo or heat therapy options
  • Single or Dual Limb capability (for air); up to two users for water
  • Cryo and Compression modalities can be used simultaneously or independently

$ 2,990.00 USD

*Affirm available to US customers only

$ 2,990.00 USD