Cold-Compression Boots

Introducing our revolutionary cold and compression therapy boot, designed to provide ultimate relief to your sore and swollen legs. With two layers of healing power, this boot combines air compression and water circulating technology for maximum effectiveness.

The outer layer of the boot is made of a high-quality air compression sleeve that delivers targeted pressure to the affected area. This helps to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, which promotes faster healing. The sleeve is adjustable, so you can customize the level of compression to your liking.

The inner layer of the boot is a water circulating wrap that delivers cold therapy to your feet. Simply fill the wrap with cold water and let the cooling sensation relieve your pain and swelling. The wrap is designed to conform to the shape of your legs, ensuring full coverage and maximum effectiveness.

The best part? You can use both layers of the boot at the same time, or use them independently depending on your needs. Whether you're recovering from an injury or just looking for some relief after a long day on your feet, our cold and compression therapy boot is the perfect solution.

Try it today and experience the benefits of dual therapy for yourself!


  • Outer layer includes 6-chambers that can be filled with air up to 150mmHg
  • Inner layer consists of water-circulating bladders to cover the legs
  • Users can choose from cold, compression, or both options to be used simultaneously

$ 1,245.00 USD

*Affirm available to US customers only

$ 1,245.00 USD